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Covering for underground garages

As a manufacturer of gratings, Staco Deutschland receives daily enquiries for immensely varied uses of our products. These extend from accessible platforms to attractive facade panelling, even to sophisticated grating systems for very different applications in parks and leisure facilities.

Staco is a pioneer in the grating industry, and can look back on innumerable projects in the architectural sector. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that our role has moved beyond that of experts for our customers within the steel construction industry, and that we have become integral players within a broad network of architects.

Each year, architecturally pleasing and beautiful projects are completed with the help of Staco Deutschland. The following is just one example:

Faced with the spiralling urbanisation of our society and the constant rise in road traffic, many investors involved in housing projects feel compelled to install an underground garage. After all, the masses of people and vehicles bustling along the roads of our cities have risen precipitously. There were 45 million cars registered in Germany in 2015 – and this trend looks certain to increase. Moreover, the current shortage of housing in our major cities, coupled with the extremely favourable interest rates, have put the wind in the sails of the construction industry, leading to even more urbanisation. 

Large housing projects in particular depend on underground garages, most of which – as the name suggests – are located beneath ground level. This calls for essential safety precautions, the most important of which is to provide adequate ventilation and smoke extraction throughout the subterranean complexes. But where can fresh air be sucked in, and which channels can the waste air be discharged through?

Most of the solutions are located on ground level! Shafts with fitted ventilators to introduce fresh air, and other shafts with filters to extract toxic gases. However useful these edifices may be, they have a habit of attracting baleful looks from local inhabitants, as they can jar against the architectural landscape and can also present hazards to animals and children. But not in this project.

A tightly meshed grating with a wooden cover conceals the concrete eyesore housing the technical systems. In total, 10 of these structures are dotted across the grounds. The narrow mesh used in the grating prevents children from reaching through and animals from creeping into the system, thus providing both personal and technical protection. Moreover, the powder-coated grating matches similar elements installed on the estate’s facade design, while the wooden covers provide an equally welcome place to sit down.

This example plainly shows that even in a more functional project, grating can acquire truly architectural significance.

Used correctly, and with the support of Staco Deutschland, we can illustrate new applications in any of your grating projects.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed grating, mesh size 33.3 x 11.1 TS 20x2 hot-dip galvanised and powder coated.


Underground car park, Düsseldorf, DE


Fencing & partitioning

Used in sector


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