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Lake Phoenix - tree protection gratings

“One of Europe’s largest structural transformation projects was launched after 160 years of steel working history.” A modern residential complex with space for services and a broad variety of leisure facilities has been built in recent years on a 125-hectare property.

‘Phoenix Lake’ in Dortmund is an expanse of water measuring roughly 25 hectares, located within a 100-hectare property once home to the now defunct Hermannshütte oxygen steel works. And despite the modern development now spread across the land, today’s prestigious project in the city of Dortmund forges links to its industrial origins. The once towering furnace operated by a German steel manufacturer dominated the surroundings and gave the city of Dortmund its face. Today, beautifully designed grating made of moulded steel adorns the modern estate. Here, 150m² of decorative Staco gratings were installed as railings, while an additional 120 m² was fitted around trees as a means of protection – at the same time lending a positive touch to the modern look of the local cityscape.

The heavy duty gratings of galvanised steel supplied with a meash of 33,3x16,6 are used as tree protection. The small mesh prevents falling through of dirt and protects against pollution and vandalism. The root area is especially protected by the grating, the open grid surface also provides optimal conditions for soil respiration and irrigation. Whether a tree protection grille, bench, trash can or as elaborate ceiling paneling - gratings are in very many areas a failed alternative!

The architectural elements and curved structures that blend beautifully into the landscape are particularly convincing aspects of this project.

Gratings have long since emerged from the doldrums as a mere industrial product, and are becoming increasingly incorporated into design projects. Indeed, it has made an important contribution to the eye-catching architecture of innumerable buildings.

Staco products used

Staco heavy-duty-gratings type RH

Technical information

Staco heavy duty grating type RH, mesh size 33.3 x 16.6 hot-dip galvanised


Lake Phoenix, Dortmund, DE



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