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Modular parking garage

The best high-tech manufacturing industry from the Brainport region of Eindhoven has got together under one roof at Brainport Industries Campus. Innovative and successful companies and institutes share high-quality facilities such as clean rooms, flexible production areas and warehouses.

That allows them to respond faster, more efficiently and more flexibly to sudden changes in the market. And transport movements between the companies are also minimised. 

A good match with the local surroundings

A parking garage with 1,000 parking spaces for cars and bicycles was built on the campus in 2018. A lot of greenery was planted in order to integrate the garage in the local surroundings. The greenery on the façade grows upwards on cables, gradually covering the steel structure so that it becomes one with the local surroundings. 

Staco Artdeck® grids

Hesta Eindhoven gave the stairwells of the parking garage a makeover in September 2020. Staco Artdeck® supplied the gratings and treads for that work.

Artdeck® gratings are pressed gratings with meshes filled with coloured granulate (EPDM). Artdeck® gratings are not transparent but they do let water through and the surface is non-slip. 

In addition, they absorb sound, reducing the levels of disturbing noise in open stairwells. So Artdeck® gratings are ideal for stairwells in parking garages.

Modular building

Just like the other buildings of Brainport Industries Campus, the parking garage can be disassembled and it is modular. It can be reused in whole or in part, making a contribution to the circular economy.


Staco product used

AR 3-30/33x33 galvanized

Technical information

AR 3-30/33x33 galvanized
46 m2 and 63 stairtreads incl. Artdeck®


Eindhoven (NL)


Floors and stairtreads

Used in sectors




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