Anodised gratings for shopping centre

Staco UK is proud to have worked on this British Land & Tesco Stores Ltd project, designed by TTG Architects Ltd, London. Staco first discussed the project two years prior to installation and worked with TTG Architects to find the right solution. Installed by Faircloth Group the panels had been designed with multiple benefits. They had to provide a frontage feature whilst being lightweight in design. The panels would also double as solar shading to the retail units and offer provisions for signage to be attached. Staco Gratings UK also supplied gratings for a nearby signage tower with similar panels around the top but RR gratings inside for maintenance and lower level screens for security.

TTG Archiects knew what they wanted in the design and Staco worked hard to achieve this for them. Early in the discussion it was clear this had to be aluminuim due to the hanging design and after samples had been produced changed from RK to RR to save even more weight. The final design supplied was a pressed grating type RR 3-50 / 50 x 100 with natural anodosed finish.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type RR 3-50 mesh size 50x100 alumium  natural anodised finish.


Shopping centre, Milton Keynes, UK



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