Floor gratings for train care depot

Staco Gratings UK was asked to provide a cost effective flooring solution for the new high speed train care depot at Ashford. The requirement was for three 250M long twin level access platforms. As these are twin level platforms and people constantly working on both levels, the working at height regulation states that nothing larger than a 20mm sphere should pass through the grating.

The industrial standard electro forge welded type SP panel that offers this restriction was far too heavy for this project and added unnecessary weight and cost. Staco pressed grating type RR with its versatile range was perfect for this application. Staco worked with their client to engineer the most cost effective grating whilst ensuring all the design elements and loading criteria were not compromised.

Using a 25mm deep bearing bar at 50mm centres, this was sufficient for the loading criteria due to small clear spans. Staco used 2mm in the majority of panels but also utilised 3mm thick bars where spans increased slightly. Staco used the 12x2mm serrated cross bars to offer anti-slip serration and placed them at 16mm ctc to restrict falling objects to the working area below. Staco supplied RRAV2-25 / 50x16 & RRAV3-25 /50x16.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR 

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type RRAV2-25 mesh size 50x16, Staco pressed grating type RRAV3-25 mesh size 50x16.


Train care depot, Ashford, UK



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