Energy-saving expanded metal

The district council of the Albertville region in the French Alps has now moved into its new offices. “L'Arpège” was designed by Creon, Charon, Rampillon architects and it is a striking and daring building in terms of both colour and form. The different levels are emphasised by variations in the materials used for the outer walls, such as glass, concrete and metal.

L’Arpège is a multifunctional building. It is home not only to the Music and Dance School, with more than 600 pupils, but also to a wide range of municipal, tourist and community cultural services and institutions. Optimal use is also made of the building in the evening for meetings, and performances featuring music and dance.

Energy conservation

To minimise energy consumption and CO2 emissions, 770 m2 of the outer wall has been covered with expanded metal. The aluminium panels of Lagoon 200XL expanded metal were produced to size by Métal Déployé. This expanded metal provides adequate transparency and effective protection against sun and rain, and also ensures natural ventilation