A3- Advanced Architecture Apartments in Sofia

One of the most modern and interesting buildings in Sofia was built near the border area, where the city and the mountain overflow into one. A3 is harmoniously incorporated into the context of the environment, as it is formed from five volumes that reflect the surrounding mountains.

Advanced Architecture Apartments are situated in one of the most contemporary areas in Sofia - Bulgaria BlvD and contain 158 apartments. The groundfloor is designed for commercial use and contains car parking on two levels. The designers created an exciting, dynamic building with modern shape which will catch everyone's eyes. Lines and clear borders are blurred in smooth and soft forms. The feeling of elegance and sophistication is emphasised by the glass facade. This unique architectural project won the prestigious prize “Building of the Year 2017”.

Staco Polska also participated in this project. We delivered 100 m² welded gratings type SP with mesh size 34x38 mm and bearing bar 25x2 mm. The gratings have been mounted on each floor in each entrance of the volumes as platform gratings for servicing of HVAC. To provide durable protection against corrosion, the products have been hot - dip galvanised.

Staco products used

Staco welded gratings type SP

Technical information

Staco welded gratings type SP, mesh size 34x38 mm and bearing bar 25x2 mm, hot-dip galvanised


Sofia, BG



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