Facade solution

Glazing facade solutions are becoming more and more popular in office building architecture, mostly because the glass facades improve employee comfort and the energy efficiency of the buildings. If you add Staco gratings to your glass facade, you can create energy saving, aesthetic and a modern looking building.

Pressed gratings are widely used in countless applications, also in glazing facade solutions. These gratings genuinely add an architectural value as well as simultaneously being very functional.

Recently, Staco Polska delivered gratings for a glass-fronted facade for an office building. The main contractor of this project was a renowned company which specialises in facade systems. The company asked Staco Polska to deliver 167 m2 pressed gratings type RR with mesh 34x33 mm and bearing bar 45x2 mm. Staco pressed gratings were installed as technical walkways in the space between the walls and the glass facade. Besides the functional role of the gratings, they also added an architectural flavour to this glass object. The modern and impressive building with aesthetically pleasing facades will be ready to use very soon.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed gratings type RR, mesh size 34x33 mm, bearing bar 45x2 mm, hot dip galvanised


Krakow, PL



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