Welded gratings for Port Terminal Burgas East 2

The port terminal Burgas East 2 is located in Burgas (Bulgaria). The area of the port is 419 468 square meters. It contains 9 berths and 1 pier and the total length of the quay front is 1592 meters. Recently Staco Polska has supplied welded gratings for the new construction which was a part of the project called "Тechnological equipment for unloading bulk material behind 30th berth of Port Burgas Terminal East 2" and it was finished last year.

The main contractor for this project was HMC. The company is one of the biggest producer of steel structures in Bulgaria. At the beginning of the project, Staco Polska was in touch with the investor and provided technical advice, produced some samples and submitted offers. After that Staco Polska was asked by HMC to produce the welded gratings for this project.

After several rounds of promising negotiations, HMC decided that Staco Polska would be the right partner to supply the gratings for this project.
We have delivered more than 1100 m² welded gratings type SP and stair treads with bearing bars 40x3 mm and 30x3 mm respectively.
These type of gratings can be found in multiple applications and they can withstand the toughest conditions. The twisted crossbars lend the grating anti-slip properties, ensuring they remain accessible even during damp conditions.

Staco products used

Staco welded gratings type SP

Technical information

Staco welded gratings type SP, stair treads, bearing bar 40x3 mm and 30x3 mm, hot-dip galvanised


Port Terminal Burgas East 2, BG




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